arodla Brain dump

I can’t stop procrastinating

It’s time I face it. I fucking suck at managing my time.

My blessing but mostly my curse is my wits. I am the kind of guy that is far from being a genious, but I’d say I’m above average in intelligence.

When I say that this is a curse it’s because during my formative years I’ve always been smart enough to just study the day before the exam and get good grades.

I never had to work hard for anything. So I have no discipline nor work ethic.

It’s taken me too long to realize that it would have served me best to be a little dumber but a hard worker.

I have 33 years of bad habits to undo, but there is still hope. In a few rare occasions I have proved myself that I can have discipline.

Every year for longer that I’d like to admit I’ve tried and failed to better manage my time. These are some things I’ve tried:

  • Having an agenda to plan my time in advance (physical and digital).
  • Habit trackers in any format you can think of (pen and paper, apps on my phone, excel sheet, notion templates, etc)

I’d usually start with motivation. but after a few days or weeks I would usually abandon it.

I’d like to think this time will be different.

In the next post I will tell you my plan